Tuesday 8 February 2011

New blog

This is my first blog post. Ever. Well, besides the obligatory test post found right below this one.

I am not a writer. But I would like to become better at communicating my ideas to others. Thanks to Jeff Atwood, founder of CodingHorror and co-founder of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange, I have finally gotten around and created my blog.

There are several reasons why I have created my blog, one of which I already mentioned.
  1. Become better at communicating in general. Writing forces you to *think* about what you're trying to convey. On the other hand it is also a conduit through which you can come to a better understanding of a given subject. It is a two-edged sword. When you write you have a dialogue with yourself, and it is through that dialogue that you can come to a clearer understanding.
  2. As mentioned in the previous point, through writing comes understanding. By trying to get my ideas across to my audience, you--the tech-savvy reader--I will also learn along the way and hopefully become a better developer.
  3. Hopefully I can get some dialogue started. It is nice to get in touch with other programmers. Talk, share, discuss. Learn and teach. And it would be great if we get a few good laughs along the way.
  4. And last but not least, I think it's a great pastime. Doing something programming related without actually programming. 

 I will blog about my experiences in my day job, some cool new technology I discovered, or just some random thoughts I want to toss out in the open. And of course All Things PHP!

I find writing hard to do, I really have to keep my mind to it. Not to get bogged down in mind-numbing details or too much glossing over. Finding a good tone-of-voice and consistency in my blogs will be important aspects in the next couple of months and need to become second nature.

Next up will be a post about me, what I do, why I do it and why I bother to write about it. Or it might be something PHP5.3 related, a post I am prepping right now. We'll see how it goes.

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